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    Find your leads and export them through email or CSV in 1 click.

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    From a single search, our app returns up to 200 recent leads.

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    We support exact match searches, as well as regular keyword search.

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    You can message your leads right away, source links are always included.

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    Collect thousands quality leads to grow your service business or brand online.

  • Love Us

    Let us help you skyrocket your social media results and you’ll love us for it.

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What our customers say about us

Daniel, Houston, USA

Being a starting freelancer is tough. I couldn't find clients on any of the highly competitive marketplaces like Upwork, so I started looking for leads on social media, which has transformed my freelancing career. Tools like Lead Eclipse help me identify and contact potential customers in seconds.

Mark, Philadelphia, USA

Our startup LSI started using Lead Eclipse to identify our potential customers and see who were talking about our products. It helped us identify the market need and trends, even before we launched.

Chrissie, Alberta, CA

I used to be the stereotypical "starving artist" who didn't know how to find customers. Thanks to Lead Eclipse, I get at least 4 new coaching clients every month, which has given me a reliable income from my practice.

Nathan, San Francisco, USA

Our online store sells antiques. Our biggest challenge has always been finding the right audience and targeting them effectively. This app has helped us do just that, since it allows us to search people who are talking about antiques right this second. It's perfect.

Jessica, Manchester, UK

As a recruiter, I absolutely love Lead Eclipse! I can find job seekers at an instant without searching Twitter manually.

Felix, Denver, USA

This tool is awesome!